Monday, March 28, 2016


Over the 30 years we have been servicing garage doors, we have been come across just about any garage door problems there is.  Good news is that not all garage door problems require you to pay a garage door technician. 

Here are some common issues and repairs you can try before calling a garage door professional:

1.  The hand-held remote or the push button on your wall is not responding to the opener.
      •    When this happens, make sure it’s not a power source issue.  First of all, check if the motor is plugged in.  Next is to check the fuse or the circuit breaker.  If there are no power issues, try changing the batteries on the remote and transmitter on the wall.
      •    If replacing the batteries and checking the power source does not do the trick, make sure the cables are intact, the tracks are clear.  There’s a big chance you might need to replace your opener.

2.  The garage door makes loud noises, when opening and closing.
      •     Loud noises such as squealing, screeching and grinding, usually means the track needs to be cleaned and lubricated.  Use non harsh cleaners and use standard lubricant such as WD-40, on all hardware and tracks.  Afterwards, check if running it up and down solves the problem. 

3.  The garage door gets stuck when being opened or closed.
      •    When you find your garage door sticking while opening and closing, start with checking the switches and batteries of your garage door remote opener.  If that was not the issue, make sure to also check the sensors if they’re aligned properly, and nothing is obstructing the signal.  For manual garage doors, check the wheel track, to make sure nothing is obstructing it.  Keep in mind, different types of temperature and weather condition affects the effectiveness of lubricant.  If you live in an area with extreme weathers, you might need to do some research.  When buying lubricants for door, do not forget to ask your local hardware store experts about weather and temperature effects on the specific lubricant you are buying.  Another reason the door sticks while operating, is because it might be hung unevenly.  Check if the cables and springs are even length on both sides.  If you are unsure, give us a call.

4.  The door slams or falls too quickly while closing.
      •     This one of those cases where Do-It-Yourself is not recommended, unless your experience or have someone that is experienced with garage door repair with you.  With this particular repair, you need to be careful because it poses high risk of injury.  Usually it is caused by loose or broken cables, and or springs.  Make sure to consult with a professional before attempting.